Meet the 2020 Mod Squad

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The Mod Squad is a group of inspiring (and modernist-loving) creatives, tasked with the mission of capturing Modernism Week through their eyes. 

Each year, we look forward to discovering Modernism Week through the eyes of our Mod Squad. The diverse and dynamic mix of creatives always lend a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the hundreds of events in February, and we’re especially excited to see how they experience all the modernist fun in 2020!

Click through the gallery to see what “modernism” means to the 2020 Mod Squad.

2020 Mod Squad: @meganmckean, @everyverything, @_h_mart_ / @getclever, @typefiend / @designmilk, @ashleyropati / @lonnymag, @casey_gerber / @tastemadehome / @tastemadetravel, @hunkerhome, @t_yanai, @__Sabin__, @thismintymoment

Stay tuned as the #PSModSquad share more from behind the scenes at Modernism Week February 13-23, 2020!